Vitamin C, the B vitamins, zinc and iron are all critical nutrients to protect you against pathogens. One important issue is: Are you consuming these nutrients in the right ways?
Which kind of plant milk is the best for you? What are their nutrition values? Here are the answers!
The coronavirus pandemic is really changing our society, one of the major changes has to be our eating habits. With the slaughterhouses and meat plants affected by the global lockdown, many consumers are turning their attention to plant-based alternatives.
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Speaking of superfoods, you must have heard about flaxseeds and chia seeds. Do you know the differences between these two types of seeds? Flaxseeds and chia seeds are both high-fiber foods that are rich in good fats. However, if you pay attention to food products in the market, you will find commercial flaxseed oil but not chia seed oil in grocery stores, and the application of chia seeds but not flaxseeds in making puddings. Let's learn more about them!
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